What is “Sound Healing”?

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Sound Healing Involves Listening

Sound healing can come from songs being sung or musical instruments being played. But, there are plenty of other healing sounds beyond music.

Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite song is, who my favorite singer is, or what music genre I like, my pat answer is “silence.” My response is silence because I am content to be without the background noise of a stereo, radio, or television. But, in truth, silence is not my favorite healing sound. I enjoy listening to train whistles, frog croaks, and owl hoots. This afternoon while writing this article I am listening to birds chirping, a dog barking, and cars driving past the street I live on. Oh, and my laptop just beeped to alert me that my battery is running low.

There are plenty of noises all around us, some of them are soothing, others not so much. We will sometimes hear things that annoy us like ambulance sirens, a child’s tantrum, or people arguing. I guess you could say life without stereo is still an orchestra. But even annoying sounds can be healing if we are willing to take the time to listen to them more fully.


Listening is Key to Sound Healing

To truly benefit from sound healing the key is to become aware of sounds around you in order to connect with any feeling a particular sound provokes. Hearing is not the same as listening. We hear with our ears, we listen with an open heart.


UnPlug and Really Listen

Experiment with sound healing by trying to identify with any sounds nearby that are not musical. Turn off your television, take your iPod plugs out of your ears, turn the volume off on your computer. Now, become aware of the noises around you. Don’t try to block any of the noises, take each noise in and process them one by one as you listen.


Benefits of Sound Healing

Certain sounds can bring back fond memories, this can be very healing. Other sounds are likely to drudge up old hurts. For example, the sound of a door slamming might remind you of a time when someone left you behind in the heat of an argument. This may open up an opportunity to confront and eventually resolve a painful abandonment issue. If you do, the next time you hear a door slam you’ll feel calmer and more at peace.

Okay, you can turn your radio back on now if you like. But, remember to unplug yourself now and again for an “unplugged” sound healing session as a gift to your personal awareness. It will be good for you!

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